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D&A Testing

What we can do for you

Since its formation in 2017, our sister company, Hybrid Medical has quickly established itself as a first choice in the provision of Drug & Alcohol testing and PTS Medicals for organisations and operatives working across a broad section of industries.

Compliance is king in all that we do, as such, we are always on top of current legislation & codes of practice for the sectors we cover, including human rights, data protection and medical record access.

We provide both drug & alcohol testing as well as medicals, either on-site or at any one of our nationwide private clinics. Using our service to test your workforce enures that your company and its employees are meeting all current health and safety regulations. Moreover, all test results we provide are legally defensible.

Professional Advice

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) it’s an offence for an employer to knowingly permit the use of controlled substances on their premises.

These days everyone is aware of the impact drugs and alcohol can have on the workplace environment. It doesn’t matter whether an employee takes drugs outside of work, turns up hungover or is drinking on their lunch; alcohol or drug problems in the workplace can have a damaging effect for a company and its employees. This is why regular testing must be part of your health and safety policy.

Can you drug test your employees?

Where an employer’s operations rely on safety sensitive procedures – in the transport or energy industries, for example – it is common for them to reserve the right to perform drug and alcohol testing on employees in the contract of employment.

Some industries require drug and alcohol testing by law. 

What if an employee refuses?

Consequences of a failure to comply should be set out in the policy. Employers are likely to view such a failure as a disciplinary offence which could result in dismissal. It would be advisable to consider the employee’s reason for refusal and possibly allow time for reconsideration before action is taken.

We Offer 5 different types of drug & alcohol testing:

*Just cause/reasonable suspicion testing must be undertaken using the traditional urine sample